What Is In12Days?

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In12Days is a network of people across the country who come together to give those in need of inspiration 12 days of outrageous charity based on the "12 Days of Christmas" song.

In the spring of 2008, founder Suzanne Lea's husband Bryan died suddenly of an unexpected heart attack. Nine months after his passing, Lea and her sons received the gift of the 12 Days of Christmas from anonymous church friends, moving the family from devastation to a euphoria so profound that it changed their lives forever.

From that point on, it became the Leas' mission to pay the 12 Days of Christmas forward. As a result, In12Days has delivered increasingly extravagant 12 Days events to individuals and organizations throughout the country.

In12Days uses the magic behind the 12 Days of Christmas to rekindle hope and joy in the hearts of those who are struggling at any time of year, but especially those suffering during the holiday season.