Review of In12Days Las Vegas 2011

Our five recipients for In12Days 2011; St. Jude's Ranch, the Ramos family (who lost a young son in 2010,) Boys Town, DJ's Academy (a small school in need of publicity,) and Evan and Amy (a struggling young couple,) represented the needs of people throughout Las Vegas. The entire twelve day journey was followed on television, print, radio, and social media. Thousands became involved as lives of hundreds of recipients were lifted up and an entire city was inspired.

Day 1: A Partridge in a Pear Tree

A giant gift box containing helium partridges was opened by the children at DJ's Academy. The birds carried the In12Days message of peace throughout the city.

In12Days 2011 - Day 1

Day 2: Two Turtle Doves

FedEx helped to dump 50,900 Dove Chocolate Promises on top of turtles at DJ's Academy.

Day 3: Three French Hens

A French Hen feast from Ravella and Trader Joes was sprung on St. Jude's Ranch's unsuspecting social workers. Entertainment was provided by the Jazz ensemble the Outside In Jazz Trio.

Day 4: Four Calling Birds

Cirque du Soleil gave the Boys Town kids a show at their door, then stayed to teach them how to juggle.

Day 5: Five Golden Rings

Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers, with the support of Southwest Airlines and Executive Limousine, helped Evan and Amy to experience the wedding proposal of a lifetime.

In12Days 2011 - Day 9

Day 6: Six Geese A-Laying

Loews Hotel presented, via golden egg messages, a surprise vacation at their resort in Lake Las Vegas.

Day 7: Seven Swans a-Swimming

Oversized helium balloons carrying swans stuffed with thousand dollar bills and other prizes for all 5 recipients were floated down from a balcony of the Aston Hotel. Ice-skating for everyone on the lake!

Day 8: Eight Maids A-Milking

Evan, Amy, and 8 friends blasted Trader Joes' Mochi Ball ice-cream from Whammo! Snowball Launchers to the kids from Boys Town and St. Jude's Ranch.

Day 9: Nine Ladies Dancing

Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers hid Evan and Amy's two white gold wedding bands within nine huge dancing bride helium balloons floating in the rafters of their church at South Hills.

Day 10: Ten Lords A-Leaping

UNLV Rebels, Mascot Hey Reb, and UNLV cheerleader Treasure surprised the Ramos family with a dream come true: shooting hoops with the team, tickets to the big game, and concessions for everyone.

Day 11: Eleven Pipers Piping

In12Days 2011 - Day 12

Blue Man Group whisked away the staff at St. Jude's Ranch and all their friends to a private party at the Venetian, then tickets to the show. Their escort involved being pelted with pipes, marshmallows, and Twinkies from the show, and a limo ride courtesy of Bell-Trans Limousine.

Day 12: Twelve Drummers Drumming

Kristen Hertzenberg and cast from Phantom, the Las Vegas Spectacular, and Philip Fortenberry playing a Steinway Grand Piano in the Ramos's driveway) and cast from Jersey Boys led hundreds of supporters bearing candles of community in special Christmas carols dedicated to all In12Days recipients.