In12Days USA 2012

Sample ImageOver 12 Days in 2012, several Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City children received an educational makeover of a lifetime. As momentum buildt and media shared each event, the city experienced a new way of coming together in community for our schools and the future of our children.

This educational extravaganza, supported by thousands of In12Days donors, sponsors, and volunteers, will serve as a model as we expand into cities across the country.

How can I support these children? Supporters across the country can contribute to our recipient's education by purchasing tickets for the In 12 Days show on Day 12 at the Mystere Theater at Treasure Island Resort. If they cannot attend the event themselves, they can donate their seats to children here in Las Vegas who would like to attend. If you wish to make a cash donation or volunteer, please join us on our support page.

Can I become one of the recipients? Of course! Read on!

OVERVIEW: In12Days Education USA Las Vegas 2013

Contest: In February of 2013, In12Days will begin to receive applications to participate in our In12Days Education Las Vegas 2013 event...educational makeovers that include free scholarships to some amazing local schools and colleges. Our selected schools are consistently loving, excellent, and dedicated to building up the children of its school for the good of future generations of Americans. This Christmas, our winning recipients will be given 12 Days of outrageous educational gifts that will culminate with an educational commitment that will begin on January 1st, 2014. These gifts will be revealed over a twelve day period that begins in early December of 2013.

Recipients: In12Days and the schools who donate their scholarships are looking for children who demonstrate a natural love of learning, but are encumbered in their efforts by social restrictions beyond their control. The death of an immediate family member, financial struggles, long term illness within a family, a very poor school system, excessive bullying, dangerous living conditions, legal immigration issues, and schools that oppress freedom of prayer etc. are all valid considerations for our educational support.

Sample ImageMedia: The family chosen must be prepared to be interviewed on television, radio, and other media. They must be determined to become involved in the new school, and be able to provide transportation and emotional support for their child throughout the entire year, and for future years to come.

Partners in Education: Funds secured for our recipients will be held by Nevada State Bank, in collaboration with the law offices of Hutchison-Steffen. Allocation of funds will be determined by Nevada State Bank, Hutchison-Steffen Legal Services, and our In12Days Committee on Education, in collaboration with our supporting schools.

Selection Process and Commitment to Education: We believe that for children, education is much more than general access to information. We feel that learning thrives inside a safe, happy, clean, well-ordered, and loving school family where a student is given the opportunity to reach toward his greatest potential unencumbered. For In12Days Education USA Las Vegas 2013, all of our recipients will be children from ages 5-18.

Our children need to be well cared for and supported at home, so that we have their family's help in seeing our work through over the long term. Community involvement is one of our key beliefs, and community starts at home. Because we receive scholarship support from many schools, we want to honor those schools with children who will become an asset to their programs; not a drain on their resources. A great foster care system definitely counts as a loving home.

Potential recipients and their families will be asked to submit, via email or letter, a one page letter telling us about who they are, and why they want the opportunity to be part of In12Days Education. We will request several references, and a contact at their current school. Next, we will conduct interviews with the hosting school principals/directors, the teacher that the child would work with during the scholarship year (relevant to his particular grade,) and the teacher from the grade immediately below his level. The interviews will be warm and informal, and the children will be tested to determine their specific upcoming needs. We will be in communication with the child's previous school administration or teachers.

Recipients will be narrowed down to two; a winner and a runner up. The runner up will be prepared to step up in case of emergency, and In12Days will begin efforts to secure a second scholarship on that student's behalf.

Do you want to apply for one of our scholarships? Just email us on our contact page with your age and current grade, and we will email you back a very simple application. Less work than the doctor's office paperwork, we promise!

As with all In12days projects, all concepts may flux and change based on the needs of our recipients and our sponsors.