About Suzanne Lea

Sample ImagePeople often ask me about my work, and how I come to develop the ideas that I have.

Most of what I create comes from listening to what those around me need. That includes our sponsors, our recipients, and our thousands of volunteers. Every chance that I have to listen to them is a doorway into a completely different vision and dream, and as I reflect on how to fulfill them, not in my way, but in a collective way, an amazing tapestry of different colors, voices, and images appear.

I have a beautiful background in various media and live production, with clients such as Coca Cola, Star Trek, Principal Financial Group, Pella Windows, California Wineries, Michelin Tires, and Lucent Technologies. But as passionate as I am about entertainment, I was happy to give it all up to marry theatrical flying effects director Bryan Lea and become a full time, stay at home mom. I devoted my life to Bryan and our two sons James and Matthew, serving for years on various charities associated with church, city, school, and scouting communities.

After the boys and I received the 12 Days of Christmas, something shifted within us. The people who came to our door on our last day became part of who we were. No matter what transpires in our lives, we are bonded to them in a deeply special way.

I see the same thing happen to our recipients after every In12Days event. It is a connection of understanding that cannot be put into words.

As I worked with Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder this past year, the same thing began to happen for me with regard to our cities. I began to feel a deep attachment to every stone, park, and chunk of discarded cement around me. The more I gave, the more I fell in love with our towns. This created in me a great hope for lifting up our country. I can only imagine what we can manifest together, and how much greater our capacity to love will become.