In12Days is the transformation of a life tragedy into a triumph of faith!– Fr. Brian Cavanaugh,
TOR Franciscan University OH (Sponsor)

In12Days was the best part of Christmas for me this year. I still can't believe I got to play the piano for the Ramos family in their own driveway!! I just wanted to sit and play all morning! There is nothing like music offered in service to others who are moved by its power.– Phil Fortenberry,
Jersey Boys (Entertainer-Volunteer)

Suzanne –Such a pleasure to experience your 12-Days presentations from the virtual sidelines. THANK YOU for your daily emails and the website updates and the YouTube videos, all of these were/are riddled with your genuinely sweet desire to make the lives of others better. I salute you and your family and your network of great volunteers. It is inspiring to know that there really is goodness walking amongst us.– Stephanie Stallworth,
Director of Public Affairs - Cox Communications Las Vegas (Community Leader)

I remember how moved I was by Suzanne's emails about her own Twelve Days of Christmas experience. I just sat at my computer with tears streaming as I read! It was such a wonderful story! So uplifting! So full of Christmas spirit! I could hardly wait to share it with the world.– Kristen Hertzenberg,
Phantom - the Las Vegas Spectacular (Entertainer-Volunteer)

Although few of us have the means to buy all twelve days of gifts, which modern economists have tabulated into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, any one of us is able to give of themselves and their meager means to perform the deeds symbolized by each of these dramatic presents.– Andrew L. Minto,
Ph.D Franciscan University of Steubenville (Sponsor)

The 12 Days of Christmas was a great blessing to our school. The publicity alone has opened the eyes of the community to our efforts. When we give tours, interested parents have seen us in the paper and on TV. Thank you In12Days!– Debra Jo Abendroth,
Administrator/Owner - DJ's Community Christian Academy (Recipient)

God bless you and In12Days for all that you have done for us!– Alicia Ramos (Recipient)